Animal Advocacy

Brown tabby kitten playing in a white woven fabric yarn basket with a bouquet of roses, pink background.

Artist Statement

Animal advocacy and social engagement are the framework of my art – the most crucial piece of its creation. Photography is the medium I use to capture the life of the hopeful faces, who are waiting to be adopted. We must work together to put a stop to the antiquated euthanasia practices that are being practiced in many animal shelters nationwide. My mission is to facilitate compassion, protection and support for the plight of homeless animals, and promote positive change for a future no-kill America.
– Kelly Richardson

For my family and I, fostering kittens has been part of our daily lives…

As a volunteer for pet rescues, I have witnessed first hand the positive affect professional photography can have on adoptions. We want to share our hopeful, love able imagery of pets with the world to encourage future adoptions, love, care, protection and support. We hope you will join us to support the cause!

foster kittens in our kitty room

Shopping Basket