Kelly Richardson

Kelly Richardson, Founder

Proprietor, Licensor, Photographer

Animal Advocacy hands-down has been the greatest joy of my photography career. Through the years, I have connected with many animal rescue organizations, personally fostered over 300+ kittens, volunteered countless weekends, and provided hundreds of complimentary photos to help pet adoptions. Ultimately, I hope my photos will affect social change, raise awareness and encourage support for rescue animal organizations around the world. 
Kelly Richardson

Premium Imagery
With many years of experience in art licensing, publishing and product design, Kelly offers you a curated collection of her best premium imagery for royalty free licensing. Unlike competitors, we do not use “house” photographers. We take great pride in delivering only the highest quality images; We offer you with a Royalty Free License and Pricing that is just right.

High Marketability
Our contemporary photography style and unique pet imagery can offer you much more profitability and flexibility by expanding your market base. The Anthropomorphic stylistic studio pet photography emulates human characteristics and interactions that are highly relatable to both genders and consumers of all ages. Each studio pet image and conceptual message has been uniquely created with “happy to participate” pets.

Versatile Pet Photos

flexibility for many applications

Kelly’s portrait photography style is much more versatile than our competitors. The backgrounds and isolated subjects of our pet photos enable great flexibility for many applications on different size products. It is very easy to expand the background canvas size to fit any product. Our pet photographs have fun, bold colors – creating collections with the addition of copy, graphics and patterns is a breeze. We’ve been told our pet photos are a graphic designers dream!

Yellow Labrador Mock-up Products

Experience You Can Trust

Kelly Richardson has been offering her pet photography for license to manufacturers in the art industry for over 10 years. Kelly’s licensing program includes art products in the categories of calendars, greeting cards, stationary, school supplies, gift ware, novelty items puzzles and more. Her pet images can be found on products in all categories around the world (see a few samples below). Now, with petstockimages.com, Kelly is very excited to offer her Premium Imagery with Royalty Free Licensing easy, instant downloads.
Kelly will continue to offer Rights Managed, and Royalty Licensing Agreements to preferred clients; please Contact Kelly with your image needs.

Licensing Partners

  • Barton Cotton
  • Browntrout
  • Design Design, Inc
  • Flomo-Nygala Corp
  • Legacy Publishing
  • Nobleworks
  • Prudent Publishing
  • Ravensburger
  • RSVP
  • Sellers Publishing
  • Willow Creek
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